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Our Channel is aimed at the average Outdoor Enthusiast. We are Deer Hunters, not Trophy hunters. First and foremost we hunt to fill the freezer, if we happen to harvest a “Trophy” then its a bonus. Most of our hunting is in high pressured areas on public land.

Come on an Adventure with us as we put the HUNT back in hunting!!!!!


Metalneck Outdoors  consists of Neal and Chris Blackburn, a father and son team dedicated to showing viewers the reality of harvesting game. They will take you from the hunt to the dinner table with their harvest. Whether it be hunting those pressured public land Bucks, those strutting Toms or catching a stringer of Fish. These guys are all season outdoorsman. Follow them on their journey as they document through video their experiences. If you're into DIY and Outdoor Product Reviews, this is a channel that you and your family will surely enjoy. To learn more about Metalneck Outdoors,  be sure to check out their You Tube  Outdoor channel. You can also follow them on their social media outlets   Facebook and Instagram. 

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Neal Blackburn



My love for the outdoors started at a very early age. I wasn't fortunate enough to been able to spend my winters hunting with my father, due to him passing away when I was 11. Luckily, I had an uncle who was avid in the outdoors. He took me in and we started my journey into the outdoors. I guess I pretty much cut my hunting teeth on dog drives. During the mid 80's nearly every club in our area was a dog  club. To a young boy there's nothing like the anticipation of getting a shot on  a deer being pushed by dogs. Literally I would be "SHAKING IN MY BOOTS". As time went on, I became more interested in stalk and bow hunting for deer. I would spend my weekends in the summer shooting in archery tournaments to help hone my skills. Needless to say I was in my 20's by this time. I have never considered myself a trophy hunter. With that being said, of course I dreamed of big bucks. I was taught you hunt, you kill. You eat what you kill. Still to this day I live by that code. That code is something that I also passed on to my children. I am first and foremost a deer hunter, period. Size doesn't matter. If it's a legal animal and it excites you then by all means take that animal. It's about the life experience. Sometimes we get lucky and harvest a trophy for the wall. When that happens it's a great day. You fill the freezer and decorate the wall with a beautiful animal. This deer season will mark my 37th year in the outdoors. With God willing there will be many more. So with the beginning of hunting season the cycle continues. Time to fill the freezer and create memories with the ones you love. Happy Hunting.

Thank you,

Neal Blackburn 

Christopher Blackburn


Since I was a child hunting and fishing has always been a addiction. I can remember staring out the window always waiting for my dad to return from his hunting and fishing trips. I myself started out dog hunting which many my age did as well. Now, I am a husband to my high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful baby boy. My ultimate goal in life is to be able to share moments in the outdoors with my son as I did with my father. Those moments are the reason we got into filming. To be able to relive the moments time after time. As I turn 30 this year, I know this next decade of my life will be the best yet. 

Thank you, 

Chris Blackburn

The Family


"A hunt based only on trophies taken falls  far short of what the ultimate goal should be"  -Fred Bear-

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